Randall’s Message

Randall Deer is an enigma: he runs a leading luxury travel company, yet his favourite holiday is camping. It’s obvious that he loves being outdoors, whether it’s hiking in the Gold Coast Hinterland, mountain biking or spending the weekend at the beach with his family.

Randall D Golfing in Hawaii

He is charismatic, easy to relate to and funny, yet there is a contagious flame within him to keep moving forward, making headway and living up to the motto of My Holiday Centre, the parent brand offering these unbeatable holidays, which is all about innovation. Five minutes with him easily stretches to forty-five, as he gets caught-up in the excitement of the next big opportunity and benchmark he’s set to achieve.

Randall is clear that his goal is to be an industry maker and to make a difference to the customers planning their holidays. He is passionate about avoiding “drip pricing”, or the practice of luring the public to call with an unreasonably low price they see in the paper, then selling everything from flights to transfers to day trips at additional costs. He believes in transparency with the packages offered, priding himself in the fact that the price advertised will be attainable 95% of the time. Holidays are delivered in a finished format which leaves nothing to chance, and because of the established relationships with airline, resort, and tour operator partners, travellers can be guaranteed the best value holidays.

Work. I’ll finish all of my prep if I know I have meetings or presentations during my trip, so I’ll spend my time getting all that done and drafting emails that need to be sent. Boring stuff. On my way home from a work trip I’ll do my follow-up emails, have any requested information ready to send and just work on the wrap-up information from the trip.

If I’m not travelling for work – which I usually have at least some aspect of work involved in my holidays – but if I’m going to spend time with the family I’ll generally watch a movie on the plane. I’ll try and catch up on ones I haven’t seen – unless they look terrible, in which case I’ll put on one that I already know I like.

Lately I’ve been watching TV series. I watched 5 episodes of “Game of Thrones” and really enjoyed it so when I got home I watched the rest of them. If I’m not working or watching a movie I’ll try and get some sleep.

Not really on flights, no. Well I don’t read, full stop. I don’t think I’ve read a book since uni – I think it’s a selfish activity. At least with a movie you can enjoy it with someone else, but a book is so solitary. You aren’t interacting with anyone so it seems like something you do only for yourself, which I don’t enjoy.

When I was about 15, I was really into these ninja books [“The Ninja” by Eric van Lustbader] – I loved to read about Japanese culture and history. I was totally fascinated by it, and a friend got me into “The Ninja” and I read the entire series. And at first I really loved it, but by the end of all the books I was just over it. The initial thrill had faded and the books went off track to a place that I wasn’t enjoying anymore. I was willing to look past it at first and separate the part I didn’t like, but then it got more and more an integral part of the novels and I wasn’t enjoying it.

I think I was on the last book and about halfway through when I’d had enough; I closed the book and it was probably the last one I read. So no, I don’t read books on the plane.

Randall concludes with these messages: “We aren’t trying to be all things to all people, but we are great at working with the customers we have. We don’t leave anything to chance and we are concerned with the customer journey. Booking a holiday should be a fun, easy experience and we want to share that journey with our clients.

We are set out to prove to the Australian consumer that great service isn’t just about offering the lowest price. It’s about innovation and creativity, taking risks and being on the forefront of change. If it doesn’t make a difference, we are not doing it at My Holiday Centre.”

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