Weather in Thailand

Monthly Weather Averages In Thailand

Thailand is a tropical country, meaning that year-round it can be hot, humid and wet. The sea is warm year round with averages from 28°C-30°C. Thailand’s climate consists of three main seasons, and however the country is large and the weather can vary from one destination to the next so check with your knowledgeable My Thailand travel consultant to make sure you choose the right time of year for your destination or activity!

Thailand Weather and SeasonsMy Thailand holiday weather

The rainy season in Thailand falls between
May and October for destinations such as Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. As in most tropical countries the rains during the wet season can come once or twice during the day, cool the air with an hour or two of rain, and then allow you to continue your beach frolic or sunbaking as you please. Because so many activities in Thailand are water-based, the rains don’t affect many SCUBA or snorkelling day trips.

The summer months from March to May are hot and dry with high temps of up to 30°C or 35°C. Great for a beach based holiday, but a time to avoid if you are planning on hiking in the hinterland!

The cooler period between November and February is great for exploring because the humidity is low, though you’ll still be travelling in temperatures averaging around 22°C. Just after the rainy monsoon season, this time of year is beautiful in Thailand as the lush green rainforests and hinterland come to life.

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