27 Delicious New Reasons to Visit Thailand

Dreaming of that perfect Pad Thai this weekend? Asian dishes have become a staple here in Australia and it seems like every city has their own local, secret hot-spot. If you’ve recently jumped on the weekend-street-food bandwagon and the thought of a traditional Tom Yum soup sets your taste-buds into overdrive – it’s time you visited the source (mmm… sauce).

A Kingdom of wonder filled with spectacular natural, cultural and historical attractions, Thailand will not only have you feeling like a VIP, but eating like one too. A Thailand holiday will see you being waited on hand and foot in opulent resorts, have you strolling the white-sand beaches while gazing out over the sparkling ocean, and being treated in abundance to a unique world of culinary delights.

There are now 27 Michelin Star restaurants across Bangkok and Phuket. Yep, 27. That’s enough to visit a new one for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for a week! Imagine the coconut, curry, chicken, prawn and papaya dishes you could find. The spicy beef, fried noodle possibilities are endless!

A smorgasbord of fresh produce, traditional recipes and modern taste means Thailand’s foodie scene ranges from convenient street-food to Royal Thai cuisine and is sprinkled with good does of regional specialties. Why not see for yourself?

How about a Pla Tu Yat Sai (stuffed fish) for your first holiday dinner at Mor Mu Dong? Or the unique dish of taro and seafood from O Tao Bang Niao, found only in Phuket? These delicately designed dishes are ready for you to not-so-delicately devour and are quite frankly making us here at My Thailand super hungry.

With exclusive luxurious holiday packages like these, you can taste the authentic dishes day in and day out. So next time your out-of-town-rellies visit and challenge your gastronomic opinion, you can back your local hot-spot with genuine experiences from top quality restaurants in Thailand itself. Take that Uncle Bob.

Stop exhausting your Uber Eats driver for deliveries of Pad Thai and open your eyes to a new shade of luxury in Thailand. Your stomach will thank you for it. Call 1300 008 424 to get you to this delicious city, stat.