First Holiday in Phuket: What to Expect

Be ready to explore one of Thailand’s best islands, Phuket. Famous for having the finest white sands, palm-fringed beaches and streets with bustling nightlife, Phuket offers endless Summer fun to all visitors. To make your first holiday in Phuket truly exciting and memorable, My Thailand Holiday Experts have compiled all the basic things you need to know or should expect. With a focus on things you should be prepared for, this article serves as your quick reference guide on spending your first holiday in Phuket.

Things You Should Look Forward To:

  • More than 30 beautiful beaches, including the hidden gem Ao Sane and the secluded Banana Rock beaches
  • Stunning sights and cultural attractions, like the Phuket Old Town, Wat Chalong Temple, Big Buddha and Karon View Point
  • Plenty of leisure and educational activities
  • Various dining and entertainment options
  • A wide range of hotel or resort options, from budget to luxury ones

What You Should Be Aware Of:

  • Crowded tourist spots, especially in peak season
  • Heavy traffic during rush hour
  • Unreasonably expensive taxi or tuk-tuk fares and commission touts
  • Unsafe tap water
  • Mosquito activities

Phuket is generally a safe and friendly country, with a low crime rate. Although violence and attacks on tourists are rare, beware of thieves and potential scammers. The best time to enjoy Phuket is between December and March because beach waves can be slightly dangerous during low season (June – August) if you’re not an experienced swimmer or surfer. Expect big crowds and traffic jams during peak season (November – February). And if you are thinking about renting tuk-tuks, you might want to reconsider as these quaint and colourful tuk-tuks cost about 10 times higher than Bangkok taxis. Most tuk-tuk drivers will even try to charge more than the agreed rate, so it might be wiser to rent your own car or motorbike.

Some people may try to befriend you and offer to tour you around shops, restaurants and hotels. These people are usually “commission agents,” and they get paid a hefty amount for introducing new customers to businesses. This is a familiar scenario not just in Phuket but in all tourist hot spots worldwide. Avoid the hassle and make sure that you only buy Phuket tour and accommodation deals from legitimate service providers, such as My Thailand! Other than those mentioned above, you should also refrain from drinking tap water. Last but not least, since mosquitoes can be a nuisance year-round in any tropical country, do not forget to bring bug sprays or insect repellents!

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