Chiang Mai

Set in Thailand’s lavish hinterland, original Chiang Mai was built in the 13th-century. Boasting endless ancient architecture and history, this city is best known for its relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Being diverse, Chiang Mai also offers thriving nightlife and an elaborate retail district, creating the ideal holiday.

From the nearby night markets, which greet the senses with colours, aromas and intense local flavours, to the peaceful temples located just a few kilometres away, Chiang Mai has it all!  Immerse in the exciting bustle of a traditional village or indulge in peace and tranquillity at your choice of day spa. Spend the day at a local ceramic factory, hike to the top of the Mae Klang Waterfall, wander through the butterfly and orchid garden or tee off at one of the nearby golf courses – whatever you choose to do, Chiang Mai will not disappoint.

From beautiful, exotic elephants to river cruises and cultural festivals, Chiang Mai is always impressive. To further enhance your cultural experience, visit the local Buddhist monks at one of the 300 ancient temples or visit early remnants on a tuk-tuk. Established below the Himalayan Mountains and recognised as the hub of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai flaunts 700-years of history combined with modernisation.