Getting Around Thailand

The best ways to travel in Phuket and Bangkok

Thailand is a magical experience and an outstandingly beautiful country – the people are warm and welcoming, there are ample options for activities available, and the culture is rich and plentiful. Whether the beaches and islands are what draws you to your enthralling escape, or the buzzing markets and cities, why not mix it up a little? We’ve found perfect means of transport to explore each region, making sure you have an experience of a lifetime.

Phuket by scooter

Phuket is the perfect city to explore by scooter. Hire a moped and explore the city in a way only those on two wheels can! With an abundance of spectacular scenery this beach town boasts stunning tropical sunsets and superb hospitality. Zip to and from restaurants, resorts and markets in and enjoy the balmy atmosphere in the open air! Be sure visit Old Phuket Town and appreciate the early 20th Century shophouse architecture of Thalang Road, many of the shops have been there longer than 100 years! And venture along the coast stopping for a swim in the delightfully tepid waters, along the way from Kata, Karon to Kamala and Surin.

Bangkok by rickshaw

Bangkok is a city of exotic chaos. You’ll wander through the streets to the sounds of honking horns and howling stall vendors, then suddenly be met with an air of refinement in a hushed majestic temple. Streets are bumper to bumper most often, however you’ll need a the guidance of a local to explore this wild hub. A friendly local can even guide you out of the city for a little break in few hidden spots – visit a floating market, or indulge in the beaches of Hua Hin, Thailands first ever beach resort favoured by royalty since the 1920’s!

Chao Phraya River by boat (Bangkok)

Thailand is home to a multitude of rivers and waterways, so jumping on a cruise is almost a necessity to planning your perfect trip! Take a trip back in time to the kingdom days of Thailand – the majestic Mekhala (the cruise boat) will make you feel as though you’ve stepped away from the modernity’s of today, without having to sacrifice any luxury whatsoever! Start your trip in Bangkok, and cruise upstream to Ayutthaya. You’ll view the stunning Grand Palace and the magnificent Temple of Dawn, and be in awe at the beauty of the rural riverbank life. This is definitely one of the more exotic and reminiscent ways to travel in this amazing country – be sure to take full advantage!

 Phi Phi Islands on legs!

The enchanted Phi Phi Island is usually on most travellers’ to-do lists when visiting Thailand, and the greatest thing about this not-so-secret paradise, is that there are no roads! You might see the odd motorbike used to transport luggage, but other than that it’s all you! Strolling around the streets is actually one of the most pleasant things you’ll experience. The slow nature of island life is what makes this place so magical. If you do like just a little speed, why not hire a bicycle, and explore the island with the wind in your hair!

Of course getting to and from these charming towns may require some time in cars, buses and the like, so don’t hesitate to take the tuk tuk once in a while. Local transport is fun and easy – and always cheap! It’s most-definitely an experience you don’t want to miss!